21-22 the best purchasing tips for| second-hand dg set

second-hand dg set


In this post on 21-22 the best purchasing tips for second-hand dg set we shall discuss the best tips for the buyers of second-hand dg set. Important tips have been described in detail for the purchasers. How the seller cheats to innocent potential buyers.

If the inspection before purchase of 2nd hand DG set is perfect, purchasers can have very good Engines and complete DG sets.

 second-hand dg set
second-hand dg set

Type Of second-Hand DG sets

There are the following types of second-hand DG sets available in the market.

  1. Industrial DG set on foundation Continuous as a base load plant
  2. Industrial DG set on foundation standby plant
  3. Industrial DG sets were removed from the foundation and stores.
  4. Marine DG sets are installed onboard a ship or removed from the ship. 

Out of all the DG sets the best set to purchase is at sr. No. 2. This type of set will be with fewer running hours and the risk level will below.

Other best preferences will be for the second-hand dg set still will be on the foundation. This type of set can be tested on load and the parameters themselves will speak about the condition of the DG set.

Some time the second-hand dg set removed from the foundation could also be in good condition. For such DG sets the reason for the removal of the foundation has to be enquired from the seller.

Important points and critical checks for second-hand dg set

However, before the purchase of second-hand DG sets, there are few very important points to be checked. Before the inspection, it is always advisable to take the service of an expert engineer in this field.

  1. It is highly recommended to buy a second-hand dg set through a person with a complete understanding of DG sets and with proven track records.
  2. Look for the engine nameplate on the engine for the year of manufacture and other data.
  3. Checking of records.-Get hold of the logbook of the second-hand dg set and goes through the parameters entered. Look for any abnormal parameters.
  4. Look for any breakdown in the past.
  5. Spares consumed to repair the breakdown will indicate the severity of the previous breakdown.
  6. The maintenance record will indicate the upkeep of the DG set. Check for the planned maintenance records as per the running hours. In some cases, the maintenance schedule has not been followed and will be an additional cost to the buyer before re-commissioning. Spares cost for the major maintenance of a medium speed engine will be approximately 60 to 70 Lacs in case genuine spares are used.
  7. If the DG set is still on foundation undertake the load trials.
  8. If the DG set is stored elsewhere then carry out the following
  • Try to turn the engine and check the freeness of the engine
  • Open the crankcase covers and look for any hot spots inside the crankcase. Any symptoms of overheating of bearings
  • Look into the cylinder liners for any seizures symptoms.
  • Any other damage of internal parts or symptoms of an accident or major breakdown.
  • If possible check the crankshaft deflection. Crankshaft deflection will reflect the condition of Bearings and other moving components. The crankshaft is the most important component to be checked for the condition.
  • Open the end covers of the Turbochargers and try to rotate the turbocharger for its freeness.
  • Open the camshaft inspection doors to look for any damage to the camshaft, camshaft cams, and bearings.
  • Open the end cover of the Alternator and observe any symptoms of overheating.

9. If the DG set is operational. Carry out the following

  • Take the load trails of the DG set and watch the parameters
  • Watch the exhaust temperatures.
  • Note any symptoms crankcase getting pressurized.
  • Record the parameters like lube oil pressure, Lube oil temperatures. Cooling water pressure and temperatures, Fuel pressure, charge air pressure.
  • Observe the electrical parameters.
  • During stopping watch the flywheel, it should move to and fro before coming to standstill. This will indicate the proper compression inside the cylinders.
  • Spares stock availability.
  • All the tools and tackles including special tools supplied with the engine by manufacturers.
  • All the manuals and instruction books 
  • Balance of plant;- Balance of plant will include the heat exchangers, cooling water pumps, fuel, and lube oil conditioning units including centrifuges.


Sr. No.Check pointsRemarks
1Engine serial no. 
3Year of manufacture 
4Alternator serial no. 
6Alternator year of manufacture. 
7Engine Running hours since commissioning 
8Turbo charger serial no. 
9Running hour since last 12 K maintenance 
10Running hours since last 24 K maintenance 
11Running hours since last 36 K maintenance 
12Running hours since last 48 K maintenance 
13Running hour since last 60 K maintenance 
14When were the pistons changed? 
15When the cylinder liners were were changed? 
17Size of crankshaft major journals 
18Size of Crank pins 
19When was TC cartridge changed? 
20When the main bearing shell was were changed? 
21When were the CR bearing shell were changed 
22When were barrel & plunger changed? 
23When was Alternator major overhaul carried out? 
24Any accident in alternator 
25Condition of bed-plate for any cracks etc. 
26SFOC of Plant 
27At what load plant has been operating 
28Type of load on plant ( Constant/Fluctuating/Jerk) 
29Any accident in TC 
30Why the power plant is being sold? 

Word of Caution

Never attempt to purchase a seconsecond-hand dg set around the ship breaking around if the set is not direct from the ship. It has been observed that many accidental sets from the industries are stocked near Ship breaking yards. Innocent

Customers get in to the trap and purchase the accidental second-hand dg set.

Many times spare parts are in good condition.


I hope the post on the second-hand dg set was useful to readers. In case of any query regarding new or second-hand DG sets related to inspection or any other guidance please contact the author at –  shamyadav@gmail.com

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