Kohler Generators: The Best Solution for Uninterrupted Power

Kohler Generators

Uninterrupted power supply is essential for both homes and businesses to keep running smoothly. Power outages can lead to significant disruptions, financial loss, and safety hazards. This is where Kohler Generators come into play. Kohler Generators provide reliable and uninterrupted power to keep your home or business running smoothly. In this blog post, we will discuss why Kohler Generators are the best solution for your backup power needs. We will cover their features, benefits, and why they are a trusted choice for uninterrupted power supply.

Features and Benefits of Kohler Generators

Kohler Generators provide a range of features and benefits that make them an ideal solution for uninterrupted power supply. These include:

  1. Reliability: Kohler generators are built to last and designed with high-quality materials, ensuring reliable performance in any situation.
  2. Advanced Control Systems: Kohler generators come equipped with advanced control systems that enable users to monitor and control the generator’s operation with ease.
  3. Quiet Operation: Kohler generators feature advanced sound-dampening technology, which minimizes noise levels and makes them suitable for use in residential areas.
  4. Efficient Fuel Consumption: Kohler generators are designed to consume fuel efficiently, resulting in lower operating costs and fewer emissions.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Kohler generators feature user-friendly designs that make them easy to maintain, with simple maintenance routines and easy-to-access components.
  6. Automatic Transfer Switches: Kohler generators come equipped with automatic transfer switches that enable the generator to start automatically when the power goes out, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Types of Kohler Generators

Kohler Home Generators

Kohler Home Generators are designed to provide uninterrupted power to homes during power outages. These generators are available in a variety of sizes to meet the specific power needs of different homes. Kohler home generators come equipped with automatic transfer switches, which ensure that power is restored to the home within seconds of an outage. In addition, these generators are designed to operate quietly, making them suitable for residential areas. Kohler home generators also come with advanced diagnostic features that allow users to monitor the generator’s performance and identify any potential issues.

Kohler Business Generators

Kohler Buisness

Kohler Business Generators are tailored to provide consistent and dependable power supply for commercial and industrial applications, such as hospitals, data centers, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities. Available in various sizes and power outputs, they are designed to meet specific business needs. Kohler generators feature an automatic transfer switch that detects power outages and switches to the generator. They can also be remotely monitored and controlled, with an advanced control system to customize operation. Kohler generators are fuel-efficient, durable, weather-resistant, equipped with noise reduction technology, and ideal for businesses seeking reliable backup power.

Kohler Mobile Generators


Kohler Mobile Generators provide reliable and convenient power solutions for a variety of applications, including construction sites, events, and emergency response. These generators come in a range of sizes and power outputs, making them suitable for a wide range of mobile power needs.

Some of the key features of Kohler Mobile Generators include:

  • Portability: Kohler Mobile Generators are designed for easy transport from one location to another, with options for wheels or trailers for even greater mobility.
  • Quiet Operation: Kohler generators use advanced noise reduction technology that keeps the noise level to a minimum, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments.
  • Durability: Kohler Mobile Generators are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments and rough handling, ensuring reliable performance even in tough conditions.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Kohler generators are designed to be fuel-efficient, which helps users save money on fuel costs over time.
  • Easy Operation: Kohler generators come with simple controls and easy-to-use interfaces, making them user-friendly even for inexperienced users.

How to Choose the Right Kohler Generator for Your Needs

When choosing a Kohler generator, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you get the right one for your needs:

  1. Power Requirements: Determine the total wattage of the appliances and equipment that you want to power. This will help you choose a generator with the appropriate power output.
  2. Fuel Type: Kohler generators are available in propane, natural gas, and diesel options. Consider the availability and cost of the fuel type in your area.
  3. Location: Determine where you will be using the generator and consider factors such as noise level requirements, weather conditions, and space limitations.
  4. Automatic Transfer Switch: Decide if you want an automatic transfer switch, which allows the generator to start automatically when there is a power outage.
  5. Budget: Consider your budget and choose a Kohler generator that offers the features and power output you need at a price you can afford.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can choose the right Kohler generator for your specific needs and ensure reliable backup power for your home or business

Installation and Maintenance of Kohler Generators

Installing and maintaining a Kohler generator is essential to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply. Here are some key points to keep in mind:


  1. Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to ensure proper placement and connections.
  2. Hire a licensed electrician to perform the installation to ensure it is up to code.
  3. Choose a location that is well-ventilated and away from flammable materials.
  4. Make sure the generator is grounded properly.


  1. Regularly inspect the generator for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
  2. Change the oil and filters as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Keep the generator clean and free of debris.
  4. Test the generator regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Kohler generator will provide reliable and uninterrupted power for your home or business.

Kohler Generators vs. Other Brands

Kohler Generators are known for their reliability, durability, and advanced features that make them stand out from other generator brands on the market. Here are some key differences between Kohler Generators and other brands:

  1. Advanced Control System: Kohler Generators come with an advanced control system that allows for customizing the generator’s operation to meet specific needs. This system can adjust the generator’s output, manage load demand, and prioritize critical loads.
  2. Noise Reduction Technology: Kohler Generators are equipped with advanced noise reduction technology that keeps the noise level to a minimum, making them ideal for use in areas where noise pollution is a concern.
  3. Remote Monitoring: Kohler Generators can be remotely monitored and controlled using a computer or mobile device, allowing users to keep an eye on their generator’s performance and ensure it is functioning properly.
  4. Durability: Kohler Generators are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with weather-resistant enclosures and tough components that can withstand harsh conditions.
  5. Fuel Efficiency: Kohler Generators are designed to be fuel-efficient, which helps users save money on fuel costs over time.

Overall, Kohler Generators offer advanced features and benefits that make them a reliable and efficient source of backup power for homes, businesses, and mobile applications. While other generator brands may have some similar features, Kohler’s combination of durability, advanced technology, and fuel efficiency sets them apart from the competition.

  • High-quality construction and reliable performance
  • Advanced technology for smooth power output and quick response times
  • Wide range of sizes to suit different needs and budgets
  • Easy maintenance with simple procedures and easy access to components
  • High cost, especially for larger models
  • Limited dealer network in some areas
  • Some models can be noisy, which may be a problem in noise-sensitive areas
  • Fuel consumption can be high during extended power outages, which increases operating costs.

What is the difference between generac and kohler generators

Generac and Kohler are two of the most popular brands of generators on the market. Here are some of the key differences between them:

  1. Construction and Quality: Kohler generators are generally considered to be of higher quality than Generac generators, with a reputation for being more durable and reliable over time.
  2. Technology: Kohler generators are known for their advanced technology, such as automatic load management and remote monitoring, while Generac generators are more basic in their features.
  3. Noise: Kohler generators tend to be quieter than Generac generators, which is an important consideration for residential users.
  4. Cost: Kohler generators are generally more expensive than Generac generators, which can make them a less affordable option for some users.
  5. Availability: Generac generators are more widely available than Kohler generators, with a larger network of dealers and service centers throughout the United States.

Overall, both Generac and Kohler generators are reliable options for backup power, but Kohler tends to offer higher quality, more advanced features, and quieter operation at a higher price point, while Generac offers more affordable and widely available options.

What Causes the UU Code on Kohler Generators?

The “UU” code on Kohler generators is an indication of an under-frequency fault, which means that the generator is not producing electricity at the proper frequency. This fault can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  1. Overloading: If the generator is being asked to power too many appliances or devices, it may not be able to maintain the correct frequency.
  2. Low Fuel Pressure: Low fuel pressure can cause the generator engine to slow down and result in under-frequency fault.
  3. Dirty Air Filter: A dirty air filter can restrict the air flow to the generator engine, which can cause it to slow down and produce low-frequency power.
  4. Faulty Voltage Regulator: If the voltage regulator is not functioning properly, it may not be able to maintain the proper frequency.
  5. Worn Engine Components: Worn engine components, such as the governor, can cause the engine to slow down and result in under-frequency fault.

If the “UU” code appears on your Kohler generator, it is important to have it serviced by a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the issue before using it again.

Our best pick on Kohler Generators

Kohler 9 kW Invigoration Steam Generator

The Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator is a powerful and reliable steam generator designed to provide a relaxing and invigorating steam experience in your shower or bath. With a 9 kW power output, it can generate enough steam to create a comfortable and enjoyable steam environment. The steam generator is made of high-quality materials and features an easy-to-use control panel with adjustable temperature and duration settings. It also has a fast start-up time and a quiet operation. The Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator is a great addition to any home spa or shower system for those looking to enjoy the benefits of steam therapy.

KOHLER Polished Chrome Steam Head

The KOHLER K-5557-CP Steam Head is a sleek and stylish component designed to be paired with a Kohler steam generator for a luxurious shower experience. The steam head is made of high-quality brass and finished with a polished chrome coating for a modern and elegant look. It is easy to install and features an adjustable nozzle that allows you to direct the steam flow where you want it. The steam head also has a built-in aromatherapy reservoir, which can be used to add your favorite essential oils to your steam shower for an even more relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Kohler 30 kW Invigoration Steam Generator

The KOHLER K-5547-NA Invigoration Series Steam Generator is a powerful and reliable steam generator designed for use in commercial and residential settings. With a 30 kW power output, it is capable of generating steam quickly and efficiently, making it a great choice for larger steam rooms or steam showers. The generator is made of high-quality aluminum and features an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and duration of the steam. It also has a variety of safety features, including an automatic shut-off and a built-in pressure relief valve.

Blog post Conclusion

Summarizing the importance of having a reliable backup power supply for homes and businesses, and how Kohler Generators can provide uninterrupted power during power outages. The various features and benefits of Kohler Generators were highlighted, along with the different types of generators available for home, business, and mobile use. Tips for choosing the right Kohler Generator for specific needs were discussed, as well as the importance of proper installation and maintenance. Finally, the advantages of Kohler Generators over other brands were presented, emphasizing Kohler’s reputation for quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

FAQ on Kohler Generators

Kohler Generators are known for their reliability, durability, and advanced features like remote monitoring and control.

The run time of Kohler Generators on a single tank of fuel depends on the size and power output of the generator

Yes, Kohler Generators can be used for off-grid power in combination with renewable energy sources

Kohler recommends that their generators be serviced annually to ensure reliable performance and prevent any potential issues.

  • Can Kohler Generators be installed indoors? Yes, Kohler Generators can be installed indoors with proper ventilation and safety measures in place. However, it is important to consult with a qualified electrician or Kohler dealer to ensure that the installation meets local building codes and safety standards.
  • How do I monitor and control my Kohler Generator remotely? Kohler Generators can be remotely monitored and controlled using the OnCue Plus generator management system. This allows for real-time monitoring of the generator’s performance, as well as remote start/stop and load management capabilities.
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