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How to choose the best Electric Motors

Electric Motors are used in many different devices, industries, and purposes. There are different types of Electric Motors and this blog will cover them. Electric Motors are useful for motors that are used in different devices and industries. Electric motors are important because they are used to produce power. This electric motors blog post will not only cover electric motors, but also the different types of motors. They will be reviewed and their use explained.

What is an Electric Motor?

Electric motor
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An electric motor is a device that uses electricity to produce movement. They are used to power many different things, such as cars, boats, planes, and other machines. The speed of an electric motor depends on the power of the electrical current it receives. The direction of the electric motor’s movement depends on the direction of the current. An electric motor is a type of machine that takes energy in the form of electricity and converts it into mechanical energy.

How does an electric motor work?

An electric motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical motion. The mechanical motion is used to perform work. The electric motor is used to power a variety of machinery, such as an electric drill, an electric fan, a robot, or an electric car.

Types of Electric Motor

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AC Motor

An Ac motor converts the Alternating current into mechanical output, by using magnetism combining with alternating current. In an AC motor, the winding works as the armature and field winding, and the Coils produce a rotating Magnetic field inside the rotor attached with the output shaft. This rotor generates a secondary magnetic field. As soon as the stator connects to an AC supply flux, produces an air gap, and rotates the flux at an established synchronous speed, producing the voltage in the stator and rotor winding.

The AC motor are of different variants inclusive of, Single phase, brake synchronous, asynchronous, two speed three speed single phase. Different between variants associates to kind of work the motor has to perform. Some AC motor have to perform simple and small jobs, while the design of other variants is to perform the bigger and heavy duty job in industries. The main difference is the kind of phase of the electrical feed. The phase of electrical feed is different for Industrial and domestic applications.

Industrial applications motors are of three phase whereas residential application motors are single or double phase.

Advantages of AC Motor

AC motors have the following benefits.

  1. AC motors are more efficient without the problem of overheating, braking or de-generation. AC motors utilize 85 % of the incoming power for converting into mechanical output.
  2. The lifespan of the AC motors is excellent. During the entire life only bearing replacement is done. Bearing replacement is easy and economical. Bearings of the AC motors need periodical lubrication. The durability/ endurance of the AC motors makes them popular for use in arduous conditions.
  3. AC motors are with low sound. The application of these motors is favorable for the hospitality industries in restaurants etc. Due to less sound.
  4. These types of motors are adaptable and flexible. These motors operate on a simple on and off switch, with a reversible operation. These motors are suitable for multi-user applications due to their variable speed and power output.
  5. These motors are designed in several shapes and sizes for the specialized conditions in an industry with the requirement of multiple sources of power.
  6. AC motors are simple in design since there is only one moving part. The stater of an AC motor is similar for synchronous and asynchronous. Due to the simplicity in design, these motors’ cost is low and long-lasting.
  7. The Motors with brushes and commutator run hot due to the friction between them. There are no brushes and commutator, due to which these motors run cold and are more efficient due to low wear of components.
  8. Starting mechanism of DC motors is simple and requires no additional components during starting. The only excitation is necessary to operate an AC machine.
  9. Changing the frequency can change the speed of the motor so easy to control the speed.
  10. Ac motor can operate using the single-phase input for a three-phase machine without the three-phase location.

Main components of an AC motor

  • Stator
  • Static external drum
  • Rotor

Types of AC Motors

Induction Motor

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induction motors are a type of motor that uses electricity to create a rotating motion. They are used in a variety of devices, such as lights, fans, motors, and generators. induction motors are often used in applications that require high torque or speed, such as scientific testing or heavy machinery. The unique properties of induction motors make them perfect for these types of applications. For example, they are able to provide high-speed rotation without the need for a gear train, which makes them perfect for high-torque applications.

In induction motors, the power is delivered to the motor through a transformer. The transformer converts the AC power into a direct current, which the motor can use. This is a much more efficient way of powering a motor than using batteries. Furthermore, induction motors are often used in home and office applications. For example, they can be used to power lights and appliances. They are also very easy to use, and you don’t need any special skills or training to use them.

As per the rotor design, these machines are of the following two types

  • Squirrel cage induction Motor
  • Phase wound Electrical Motor.

Squirrel cage induction Motor

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Squirrel cage rotor is a rotating element and its use is in 3 phase induction motor. The motor with the squirrel cage rotor reduces the abnormal humming sound.

Phase Wound Induction Rotor; this type of rotor uses the slip rings and the motor using this type of rotor is known as a phase wound Rotor.

Single Phase Induction Motor;-  Single phase induction motor converts single phase AC power into mechanical power by using the process of electromagnetic induction is known as Single Phase Induction Motor.

Three Phase Induction Motor; – This type of motor converts 3-phase AC electric power into mechanical power.

Linear Motor

The linear Motor produce the linear force instead of the rotating force. The application of these types of motors is for sliding doors and actuators.

Synchronous Motor

Synchronous motor converts AC current into mechanical energy at a chosen frequency. In synchronous motor synchronization of speed and supply current frequency is done.

The stator of Synchronous motor is fed with AC power. Separate source feeds the DC to rotor. Magnetic field of the rotor locks on to rotating magnetic field and rotates at the same speed. The speed of rotor is the function of the supply frequency and the number of poles in the stator.

The synchronous motors are of the following two types.

  • Reluctance Motor;- The starting process of the reluctance motor is like an induction motor and runs like an asynchronous motor.
  • Hysteresis Motor;- Hysteresis Motor has a uniform air gap and doesn’t have any DC excitation system. Hysteresis and the eddy current of the motor produce the torque.

Sizing the Capacitor rating for an Induction Motor

The size of a capacitor needed for a motor will depend upon the no-load KVAR drawn by the motor. No-load KVAR can only be determined at the no-load test of the motor. In a full load operating motor, the selected capacitor should not be more than 90% of the no-load KVAR of the motor.

Losses in Induction Motor

The losses in an induction Motor are classified in to following two categories.

  1. No load losses (Fixed losses); – These losses are not dependent of load and will occur even in the idling state of a motor.
  2. Load dependent losses (variable losses); – These losses will vary as per the loading condition of a motor.

Fixed Losses; – Fixed losses are Iron losses and mechanical losses. Fixed losses will vary with the material and input voltage.  Friction losses will cause by bearing friction and aerodynamic losses related with ventilation fans and rotating parts and vibrations.

Variable losses; – Resistance losses in stator and other stray losses are variable losses in a motor.

DC Motor (Best Tutorial on | Electric Motors)

In Direct current motor, DC power gets converted in to Mechanical Power. DC motor works on the principle that when a conductor carrying current is placed in the magnetic field, an exertion of force develops the torque.

The DC motor is of the following types.

  • Separately excited
  • Self-excited

 Separately Excited Motor;-  In separately excited motor Excitation of DC motor is with the aid of external source. Energising motor armature winding is by a separate source to produce the flux.

 Self- Excited Motor;- In a self-excited motor the excitation is by the connection of field winding. The self-excited motor is of the following categories.

Shunt Motor

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In this type of motor, the shunt field is parallel to the armature.

Series Motor

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In series Motor, field winding, and armature are connected to each other in series

Compound wound motor

Compound wound Rotor
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Compound wound motors have both parallel and series connections of the field winding. The compound Motors are further divided into two groups, short shunt and long shunt motors.

Short Shunt Motor;- In a short shunt motor, shunt field winding and armature are parallel and not in the series field.

Long Shunt Motor;- In the long shunt motor, the shunt field winding is parallel to both armature and shunt field winding.

Steps to be taken for the correction of poor Power factor in Motors

  1. Reduce the idling operation of a motor
  2. Maintain the rated voltage and phase balanced supply
  3. Decrease the reactive power loads by installing the capacitors.

Our top picks on Electric Motors

Dorman 973-409 HVAC Blower Motor

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Dorman 973-409 HVAC Blower Motor is a direct replacement for the original equipment on select vehicle years, makes, and models. This blower motor resistor and harness kit is a complete kit that comes with a resistor and harness pigtail, which is essential for most repairs. The 973-409 HVAC blower motor is a direct replacement for the original equipment on select vehicle years, makes, and models. It restores functionality and is made to perform like the original equipment.

  • It is a very efficient blower motor
  • It can reach high speeds quickly
  • It has a long life expectancy,
  • It can be little loud

AA Ignition Replacement Rear Blower Motor 

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AA Ignition Replacement Rear Blower Motor is a must-have for any AC or heating system. This is a replacement resistor for the control unit of your AC or heating system. If you can no longer adjust the air speed with your AC controls or your air conditioner system no longer blows chances are you need a new Blower Motor Resistor. Compatible replacement for Honda & Acura Veh.

Greartisan DC 12V 10RPM Gear Motor

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Greartisan DC 12V 10RPM Gear Motor is a high-performance 10RPM gear motor that is made from alloy steel and copper. It has high-temperature resistance, high abrasion resistance, and strong load capacity. It effectively Protects the gear box motor body from wear and tear and is a great choice for those who are looking for a durable and sturdy motor.

Century B2854 1-1/2 HP Square Flange Pool Motor

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The Century B2854 1-1/2 HP Square Flange Pool Motor is a brand new pool motor that has been designed to replace older Century stock. This pool motor is perfect for those who are looking for a brand new pool motor that has been designed to replace older Century stock. The B2854 is a 1-1/2 hp motor that is designed to speed at 3450 RPM. This pool motor is also designed to have a 115-volt power supply. The B2854 is also designed to have a size of 19×10.5×8.5 inches. This pool motor is also designed to have a weight of 25.5 pounds.

  • It is small enough to fit in any pool
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty
  • This motor is easy to use
  • It has a wide range of speeds
  • It may not be as efficient as other motors
  • It is not as durable as other motors

Bathroom Vent Exhaust Fan Motor

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The Fiada bathroom exhaust fan motor is the perfect replacement for your failed or broken fan. This motor is designed with the latest technology and is UL certified. The high speed and 3000 rpm ensure that your fan is running at its best and providing fresh air to your bathroom.

  • Higher amps
  • Last longer
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • More expensive than others

AO Smith GF2054 Blower Motor

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The AO Smith GF2054 Blower Motor is a reliable and efficient motor for your home heating and cooling system. With its speed of 1725 rpm and 1/2 hp, this motor will help to speed up the process by providing more power for your heating and cooling needs. Additionally, the resilience of the cradle base and 3″ shaft height ensure that the motor will not work too hard and fail at an early stage.

  • It is easy to install
  • It has a sufficiently sturdy mount
  • It’s simple to wire
  • Little expensive

Mophorn 5HP Electric Compressor Motor

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The Mophorn 5HP Electric Compressor Motor is perfect for small to medium-size businesses that need a powerful, reliable compressor to handle a variety of applications. The 5HP electric compressor motor is equipped with a frame that is robust and reliable, and a single-phase motor that provides great power and speed. With this machine, businesses can easily handle a variety of tasks, such as reducing noise, expanding their horizons, or increasing product productivity.

  • It is very quiet
  • Very easy to use machine
  • Powerful AC Motor
  • High Speed 3450rpm
  • Totally Enclosed Fan
  • Manual Overload Protection
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • Little high pricy

TUQI 5 HP Air Compressor 60 Hz Electric Motor

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TUQI 5 HP Air Compressor 60 Hz Electric Motor is a powerful 60Hz electric motor that is perfect for compressors and air handlers. This 5-hp air compressor has a speed of 3450 rpm and is able to handle a full load of amps. The 5 SPL HP air compressor has a flexible shaft that is keyed and has a 5/8″ shaft diameter. The open drip-proof design and ball bearing protection are some of the features of this air compressor.

  • Most affordable air compressors
  • Easy to use
  • Esy to maintain
  • It is a little expensive

Blog Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our article on Electric Motors. Electric Motors are a huge part of our modern world and we want to help you find the right product for your needs. Electric Motors are imperative in many industries, like the electric power industry. We hope to give you all the information you need for your future electric motor needs. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at Thank you for reading!

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