The best 10 tips on Duties and task of a marine engineer

Duties and task of a marine engineer

In this post, we will discuss about the job description of a marine engineer. Marine Engineer is responsible for the operation of any ship from its movements to other important functions of  operation and maintenance of Engineering equipments fitted on a ship.

Duties and task of a marine engineer

A Marine Engineers handles the following.

1) Operation

2) Maintenance of all the machinery fitted onboard a ship.

3) Operation and mainenance of Boat engines and generators

The responsibilities of an Engineer are as per his rank in the department.

A marine engineer will handle the following.

1) Maintenance and general operation of a ship’s engines.

2) Lead a team of technical staff to ensure a ship’s operations are safe and efficient.

Designation-wise, duties are as under.

Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer

job description of a marine engineer

The Chief Marine engineer is the head of the Engineering Department on a Ship.

1) He supervises the Engineers and technicians on the Ship.

2) Coordinates with the engine room staff for the safe running of the Ship’s equipment.

3) Keeps the Ship ready for survey by surveyors.

4) Maintains the fuel inventory and guides the management for the same.

5) Keeps enough quantity of oil and fuel needed for the voyage.

6) Maintains the spare parts record and keeps the spares parts ready for maintenance.

7) Maintains the Ship’s stability by transferring the cargo from one part to another part of the Ship.

8) He also assumes complete control of the Engine room in the Emergency.

9) Analysis of the specific fuel consumption and specific lube oil consumption daily.

10) He supervises the maintenance and keeps the records.

Essential Qualifications and qualities of a Chief Engineer

1. Must have passed 1st class Marine Engineers Exam. Qualified Ticket holder that is 1st class certificate of competency issued by Maritime. Department.

2. Must have experience of mechanical and electrical engineering.

3. Must be able to work under pressure.

4. Must have clear communication skills, both verbal and written.

5. Must have adequate knowledge of software associated with Engineering.

2ND Marine Engineers

2nd Engineer

job description of a marine engineer

2nd marine Engineers is the next senior Engineer to the Chief Marine Engineer. He reports to Chief Engineer. His duties are as under.

Position of a 2nd Engineer is very important on board a ship. The position of a 2nd Engineer is in Management category. 2nd Engineer looks after the complete operation of Engine Room apart from his own duties. He is personally responsible to Chief Engineer for the efficient running the Engineering Department. He is In charge of all the Ships Engineering Operational staff. He plans the Maintenance activities of all the machinery on board a ship.

  1. Documentation:- He maintains the following Documents.
  2. Log Books
  3. Maintenance record of all the machinery
  4. List of Defects and repairs
  5. Spares Inventory
  6. Records of Oil and Fuels
  7. Records of Life are saving and fire fighting equipment.
  8. Maintenance of Planned maintenance Schedule

Engine Room responsibilities 

  • Report to Chief Engineer.
  • Manning of the Engine room
  • Job Distribution to Engineers
  • Briefing the jobs procedures
  • Training of Junior Engineers for the use of safe working and proper use of safety equipment
  • To conduct the training program of Junior Engineers
  • To make the awareness of pollution consequences
  • Compilation of carried out work for future records
  • Responsibilities for the safe return of shore personnel

Preparations for the audit

2nd Engineer has to keep the following records before the Audit.

  1. Instructions manual for Duties and responsibilities of Engine room Department.
  2. Engine Log Book
  3. ISM code 
  4.  procedure and records for Engine Bilge pump handling
  5. Engine Oil Record Book
  6. Planned maintenance system 
  7. M/E, Diesel generators, and Auxiliary Engines maintenance policy record by company
  8. Maintenance record forms
  9. Pressure and temperature calibration procedure and records
  10. Chief Engineers standing night orders.
  11. Bunkering procedures and records of bunkering
  12. Engine room fire handling Instructions. 
  13. Oil spill control Instructions for the crew. 
  14. List of arrangements before leaving and enter the port.
  15. Arrival and departure checklist.’
  16. Necessary requisitions follow-up Procedures.
  17. Procedure for the follow up of requisitions

3rd Engineer

( job description of a marine engineer )

Chief Engineer

Is also known as 2 Assistant Engineer onboard a ship. He reports to Chief Engineer for the official reporting purpose. He is usually in charge of the Boiler, Fuel, Auxiliary Engines, Condensate, and feed system. 

Description of his Duties and Job is as below.

 Job Responsibilities

  • Watch Keeping of Machinery and Maintenance of Mechanical propulsion Equipment.
  • He will maintain the routine documents.
  • Will report to Chief engineer
  • Should familiarise himself with related company requirements, with the knowledge of latest codes, standards, and statutory regulations and rules.
  • He should ensure that all the activities related to work activities under the company policy and Ships manual.
  • He will ensure the daily Engine room operations to done as per the laid down Procedures.
  • He will analyze Lube oil, cooling water, and Fuel oil for all the equipment.
  • To implement the Asset management Operative system.
  • Will take part in Offloading and refuelling of a ship.
  • To Advise the Chief Engineer for the procurement of spares under his charge.
  • He will be part of the emergency team as per the description of the Preparedness manual.
  • He will report to the Chief Engineer regarding unsafe practices, unsafe working procedures, incidents, and accidents on the ship.
  • To report to the Chief Engineer about the execution of any significant work.
  • Reporting to Chief Engineer of any danger taking place without intervention.

 Qualification and experience required for this post

  • Minimum 8 years of experience on board any Vessel.
  • Certificate of competency STCW III/1 or STCW III/2
  •  Good English knowledge

Responsibilities of a 4Th Engineer onboard a ship ( job description of a marine engineer )

A 4th Engineer is a qualified and certified Marine Engineer by Marine Mercantile Department. A 4th Engineer reports to the 2nd Engineer. He looks after the Centrifuges, Compressors, and Bunkering Operations (Bunkering is the process of receiving oil in the ship’s tank and making sure that there is no overflow during the process) onboard a ship.
Responsibilities of a 4th Engineer

  • Maintenance of Centrifuges, Compressors
  • Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Bunkering Operations
  • Inventory control of Oils and Greases.
  • Management of spares parts for the machines under his responsibility.
  • Management of Bilges and Sludge on board a ship.
  • Management of Life-saving and Fire fighting equipment on board a ship.
  • Completion of paper works.

Conclusion- Hope the post on job description of a marine engineer has been useful to the readers.

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