Best Post on Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Diesel Generator Market

Diesel Generator Market

Diesel Generator Market
Best Post on Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Diesel Generator Market 5

Dear Readers, in this post on Impacts of COVID 19 on Diesel generating sets, I will write about the Diesel generators and post COVID 19 trend on Diesel generator market. This post will be useful for the individuals involved in the Trading of Diesel generators.

This post will cover the following topics.

1) Future of DG sets .

2) Classification of DG sets

Diesel Generator Market will have good future in the coming years.

What is Diesel Generator?

In a diesel generator

  1. Diesel Engine produces mechanical energy.
  2. The alternator produces electrical energy by. Converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

An alternator consists of a stator and a Rotor.

1. The stator is with coils winded around an iron core.

 2. The rotor is a rotating component and produces a rotating magnetic field.

3. The rotor generates a moving magnetic field around the stator coils. 4. The rotating magnetic field induces voltage differences in stator coils

4. The rotating magnetic field induces voltage differences in stator coils.

Need of Diesel Genrator

The most crucial part of any business is to have a reliable source of power supply.

Every type of industry requires power supply for their operations.

Renewable energy and growing concern of environment have the impact on DG set market.

There is still a big demand of DG generators.

Power Rating View

The largest revenue generation is by low-power diesel Generators.
There had been a revenue share of around 44% by the low per generators.
The application of low-power DG sets is for the backup solution for the following.

  1. Residential to power appliances such as –
  2. Water pumps,
  3.  Water purifiers,
  4. AC units,
  5. Geysers etc.

Medium class DG sets are for the Industrial and commercial sectors.

High power generators are the popular choice of Power manufacturing and marine industries.

There will be high market of DG sets in coming decade due to the huge power need for following sectors

  • Power,
  • Manufacturing and
  • Marine Industries.

It is not workable to supply direct grid power to several remote areas

IInstallation of high Power Diesel generators for power is for the remote areas

Displacement measurement

Displacement measurement implies for the measurement of frequency below 30HZ.

Velocity measurement;-

This type of measurement is correct for measuring the frequency between 10 -300 HZ.

As per the latest research the Indian Diesel generators market was $1.105.7 million in 2019. As per the forecast this market is likely to increase @ 12.5% CAGR (Calculate Compound Annual Growth rate up to 2030.

India Diesel Genset Markets due to Impact of COVID-19

Growth in Diesel Generator market is due to the. increase in manufacturing sector in all type industries from small scale to big industries. The market division is as per the following capacities.

  • Power classification in KVA
  • 5  to75
  • 76  to 375
  • 376 to 750
  • More than 750

The Diesel Generating Sets with capacity of 5 KVA to 75 KVA have been in great demand. and had a contribution of high market share in last few decades. The Generator sets in these range had very high approval in. following different commercial applications.

  • Retail outlets
  • Malls
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Telecom Towers.

These Diesel Generating sets will be in demand due the lead in multi talent and single talent data centres.

  1. Renewal of Real estate commercial sector
  2. Foreign domestic investments
  3. Government digitization projects.

On the basis of application the in-house Diesel generating set market is of the following categories.

  1. Industrial
  2. Commercial
  3. Residential.

In the year 2019 largest revenue share was due to the commercial category.

The market for the diesel generating sets will further. rise due to the endorsement in

1) hospitals,

2) retail outlets and

3) telecommunication towers and various many other commercial activities in the country.

In 2019 Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are the major states in revenue generation by Diesel generating sets.

Factors attributing to the Engine efficiency

1. Design

2. Capacity

3. Fuel control mechanism

4. Nominal speed

5. Type of cooling arrangements.

6. Material of manufacturing.

Reason for the deviation of efficiency ( Diesel Generator Market )

1. Ambient conditions

2. Loading pattern

3. Operation and maintenance practices.

Yet this is the well known fact that the efficiency of any engine increases with size.

Global Efficiency level up to 375 KVA are better than the Indian products.

Specific Fuel Oil consumption (SFOC) ;-

is the consumption of Fuel to generate one KWH (Unit ) of electricity.

This parameter is relevant to the end users since this parameter relates with the. Operating cost of Diesel generator.

Diesel Generator market bifurcation in India

Bifurcation of Indian Generator Market is listed below

  1. Manoeuvrability
  2. Commercial Diesel Generators
  3. Industrial Diesel Generators
  4. Marine diesel Generators
  • Power classification in KVA
  • 5  to75
  • 76  to 375
  • 376 to 750
  • More than 750
  • Type of Installation
  • Fixed Diesel generators
  • Mobile Diesel generators
  • Geographical classification
  • Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern part of the country

Major International Players in -High Capacity DG set ( Diesel Generator Market )

Area of the DG set applications.

  1. Generators on board ships
  2. Industrial generators
  3. Generators for commercial power plant

International Players

  1. Wartsila( Sulzer)
  2. MAN Energy Solutions
  3. Caterpillar
  4. Mitsubishi -heavy Industries
  5. Rolls Royce

The Indian Diesel Generator Market

1. Cummins India Limited

2. Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

3. Mahindra Power Limited

4. Caterpillar Inc.

Impacts of COVID 19 on Diesel Generator Market

There has been a remarkable impact on the global economy due to the COVID-19.

Impact is due to the following reasons.

1. Significant activities in all the sectors are standstill.
2. A decline in power demand has become a challenge for the Power generation companies .
3. Construction, manufacturing, Hotel, and tourism industries have to stop their operations.
4. The diesel generator industry has to stop the operations for the safety of employees.
5. Many service industries depend on Diesel generators for power.
6. Due to the decline in electricity demand.
7. There is decline in demand for diesel generators.


I hope that the post have been useful to the readers.

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