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Career advice for teenager

Career advice for teenager

Preface ( Career advice for teenager)

This post on Career advice for teenager is a special career guide. Keeping given top queries raised by the students for the best career choice. 90% of the students’ questions on the Quora platform for their career options.  Career advice for teenager consisting The best career advice in consideration of student’s and parents’ interests. After reading this Professional courses guide, students will decide the career of their interest.

The author has written the points in detail. Use of practical application for the individuals.   Students must read this unique post of The Best Career Advice Guide 2021 For Students. . The order of trades is not exactly as per the higher to lower side salary bands. Each detail is in a simplified manner.

  We will explain A list of the highest-paid jobs is in Career advice for teenager. We will also explain the Private and Government sector careers. We will discuss in detail, making the students ease to pursue the career.   We tell the students to consider the following factors also. Before we discuss a list of highest-paid careers. Many other factors will also influence career growth.

Merchant Navy ( Career advice for teenager )

Career advice for teenager

A career in Merchant Navy is the highest-paid Career advice for teenager

The life of Merchant navy personnel is challenging. Candidates should have Higher standards of professional Education to join the Merchant navy.  Merchant Navy pays very high salaries to the personnel working onboard ships. To get a higher salary Seafarers have to qualify for shipping exams as per the guidelines.    For becoming a marine Engineer, there are the following various entries. Candidates should follow the courses mentioned in the inserted link. top Maritime courses. One must be fit for the following. Physical and for medical.

There are several opportunities for the students in this career due to the increasing trend of vessels and increasing the scope for Engineers. Following is the entry path to become a marine engineer

  1. UG Course-4 Years
  2. Lateral Entry for the Diploma -3 years
  3. GME- 1 Year.

Under Graduate Course-Career advice for teenager

  • Entry to UG course is through IMUCET
  • Basic requirement for Appearing in IMUCET is 12th Pass (PCM) with minimum 60% marks and minimum 50 % marks In English.

Lateral Entry 3 Years: – with the latest rules in force Diploma holders are also required to appear for IMUCET. Basic Requirement is under.

Diploma in following fields of Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Graduate Entry

Basic Requirement

Graduation in

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Other conditions

  1. Should have passed Engineering in 4 years
  2. Should have passed with minimum 50 % marks.

Jobs & Career Path after Marine Engineering (Career advice for teenager)

  1. On completion of above course, a candidate can join on ship as trainee Engineer for tenure of 6 months.
  2. Upon completion of necessary above period an Engineer is eligible for takeing the exam for 4th Engineer.
  3. After passing the above exam an engineer can join the ship as 4th Engineer.
  4. With the experience and performance will be promoted to 3rd Engineer.
  5. On completion of required sea time the engineer can take the test for 2nd Engineer and after passing the exam can join any ship as 2nd Engineer.2nd Engineer and above are responsible for the administrative duties apart from Operation and maintenance responsibilities.
  6. Similarly upon the completion of required sea time one can take the exam for class 1 and upon passing the exam can sail as Chief Engineer on board ships.
  7. Having sailed as Chief Engineer one can go for advance studies and can opt for shore jobs.

Marine Engineer’s Salary:- Salary of any Marine engineer will depend on the following factors.

  1. Type of vessel
  2. Sipping Company
  3. Level of Experience
  4. Nationality.

 Approximate salary of an Engine cadet is as under in various classes of vessels.

Container- 300 to 350$

Oil Tanker- 600 to700$

Gas Carrier – 850 to 1200 $

  1. 5th Engineer ( Junior Engineer)-$350-800
  2. 4th Engineer-$350-800
  3. 3rd  Engineer-$3500-5000
  4. 2nd  Engineer-$5000-10500
  5. Chief Engineer-$7000-13000

Responsibilities of Marine Engineer

  1. A marine engineer is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of all major equipment onboard a ship.
  2. All the systems are divided among all Engineers and the responsible engineer for the allocated section is proper running of the machine all the times.
  3. Monitoring, record keeping, and maintenance planning according to the planned maintenance program.
  4. Fuel system handling:- Handling the transfer of fuel from any Bunker or barge.
  5. Handling the emergency breakdown and major maintenance and assisting external experts in handling the repairs.

Following type of vessels are opted by marine engineers depending upon their experience of particular vessel

  1. Tanker
  2. Dry Vessel
  3. Coastal dry and Tanker
  4. Passenger
  5. Dynamic position
  6. Offshore platforms and vessels.
  7. Dredging
  8. Tugs and barges at ports

Marine Engineers work on a contract basis. Normally 4 to 6 months contracts are offered depending upon the experience and designation of Engineer.

Medical Profession ( Career advice for teenager )

Due to the heavy population in India there are increased health problems. And due to this fact doctors earn very highly. This profession is subdivided in to following categories.

  1. Allopathic Doctors.
  2. Dentists
  3. Ayurvedic Doctors
  4. BAMS /BHMS Doctors
  5. Physiotherapist.

Due to the acute shortage medical professional there is acute shortage of Doctors and medical professionals.

Earlier simple MBBS degree use to be enough for start off this profession. But now a days MBBS is to be followed by PG and Super speciality thereafter.

Though the duration to complete the courses is lengthy but on completion of the courses medical professional are well placed.

Following are the PG courses for medical Professions.

  • Cardiology:- Heart disease Specialisation
  • Gynecology:- Deals with female reproduction and other females related diseases.
  • Orthopedics: – Deals with the skeletal system and related diseases.
  • Dermatology:  Deals with the Skin and sexually transmitted disease.
  • Pathology: Deals with the Examination of Organs and body for diagnosing the diseases.

DentistryCareer advice for teenager

  • Orthodontics: – After completing the specialization in Orthodontics may start the practice in private clinics, or as a professor, surgeon, or oral pathologist.
  • MDS in Oral Surgery:-  This is a 3 years course concerned with Diagnosis, surgery, and treatment of disease, injuries, and defect in teeth, mouth, gums, and other mouth region organs. Job opportunities after completing this specialization are available in teaching institutes, research institutes, colleges, and teaching hospitals. Other jobs are available as oral surgeons, Oral Pathologists, and dental surgeons.
  • MDS in Radiology & Oral Medicine:- this branch of MDS is chosen by a majority of students. It is a 3 years specialization course deals in the diagnosis and treatment of oral and other diseases in surroundings. The main focus of this specialization is Clinical examination, radiographic examination, diagnosis, and other mouth cavity diseases. There is a wide scope of this specialization and one can have opportunities in Government and private institutions or in reputed dental colleges. There are higher opportunities in foreign also for this specialization.
  • MDS in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic.:-This is 3 years of prominent specialization deals with restoration Diseases teeth. The job opportunities for this field are as Lecturers, medical coordinators, and dental surgeons.
  • MDS in Periodontics:-This Specialisation deals with diseases of supporting and structure of teethincluding cementum, gums, periodontal membrane and alveolar bone. There are opportunites for this specialisaion is Tracking institutes, Hospitals and other research institutes.

Job opportunities after completing MDS in Oral Surgery

Sr . No.Job Description
1Teaching Institutes
2Research Institutes
4Teaching Hospitals
5As Ora Surgeon
6Oral Pathologist
7Dental Surgeon

PhysiotherapistCareer advice for teenager

Physiotherapist: – Is the special para-medical field deals in the achievement of patient movement and physical ability, which might have been lost or developed due to illness, Injury, surgery, or aging. There is the following specialization in Physiotherapy.

  1. Neurological Physiotherapists:-  This specialization deals in Neurological illness or injuries.

Orthopedic Physiotherapist:- 

  1. This specialization deals in treating the musculoskeletal system after an Injury or Orthopaedic surgery,
  2. Pediatric Physiotherapist:- This specialization treats children with injuries and congenital problems.
  3. Sports Physiotherapist:-  This specialization treats the sportsman to regain their performance after the Injury.

Female health Physiotherapist:- this specialization treats women to recover the issues developed after pregnancy or sexual disorders

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